Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Marabu Art Crayons

Hello Soul Sisters
The past week I have been playing with the Marabu Art Crayons. I put them through some of their paces but I know there is a bit more to explore with this medium. They are available in the shop. You can purchase them in sets of four or individually.
The first thing I did was create a colour chart so that I know exactly what the colours look like.
The colours are rich and they are oh so creamy, as soft as butter, but only the kind of butter than has been sitting on your bench for a while to soften. The colour just glided across the paper surface, the paper I used was a watercolour paper.
To put these crayons through their paces I cut up some watercolour paper and then applied gesso to the surface with my palette knife. Because I mainly use a surface with gesso I needed to see how they perform. This is a long post so I do hope that you stick with me for it all.
In the first test I add three of the colours straight to the surface.

I then added water to see how much the crayons would move, I think I added too much water, although I did still need to move some of it with my finger. Love the look that was create, a soft watery look.

Once dried I then wiped the surface with a baby wipe and found that I could wipe a lot of the colour away. 
For this experiment, test or what ever you want to call it I add water to my paper first, then using two colour crayons I drew on the paper. I then moved the colour with my fingers. Doing it this was produced a more intense colour and the texture of where I applied the gesso showed through.
The colour is more vibrant with doing it this way than the one above.
For this one I wanted to see how it would go being added to a gel medium and put through a stencil. When I was cutting some of the crayon I found that my craft knife (that had only just been replaced) met with some resistance. This surprised me considering how smooth and creamy they are. The piece that I had cut off was not as easy to mixed with my medium, took a little bit of work but I have to say it was well worth the effort. I used a gloss medium which looks great but I think I need to buy it in matte.

I really put these crayons through their paces. With this set of photos I use the crayon three different ways through the stencil.
This photo is where I applied some of the crayon to my craft mat and picked it up with a make up sponge and then applied it through the stencil. For just the little bit I did complete I needed to add more crayon to my craft mat. The look is very soft but I really like how it turned out.

This photo looks like I have a blank piece of paper in from of you but it's not quite. I did exactly as above but instead of using a dry makeup sponge I added some water, thinking that it would spread a little easier. When in fact the crayon disappear almost completely. 
This photo I laid my stencil down on the paper first, then drew in the individual circles. I then put some water on my finger and moved the crayon. I did this because I though it would be easier to move the colour. Yes it was but it is a bit of a mess. I didn't put a heap of water on my finger but I guess it was still too much. It was not the look I wanted to achieve but that's ok.
This next experiment surprised me a lot with the result. I thought that because the crayons were water reactive I would make a couple of sprays. So I made the sprays, and the results was not what I thought it would be.
The photo below shows just how much crayon I put in a test tube spray bottle. The piece of crayon was not huge but then again neither was the spray bottle.
I made the spray at 5pm on Saturday. I added the water first then put the crayon in, gave it a shake and as you can see not much happened. So I thought I would leave it to dissolve.
After another shake, this photo was taken at 9pm Saturday night, more colour than when I first did it 4 hours before but the crayon pieces did not dissolve.
Monday at 12 pm, 43 hours after I made the spray, the colour has not changed much and it is still not dissolved.

I wanted to put this post together for you so I decided to use the spray to see what result I achieved. I put texture paste through my stencil, dried it with a heat gun and then spray the two sprays. I used all of both sprays and the colour really is very pale, not what I expected.
Close up of the dried sprays.
If you are wondering yes I did refill the spray bottles, as I am really interested to see if the crayons actually dissolve.

Well if you made it this far I thank you. The crayons do have their positives but they also have their negatives. Will I be using them yes I will.
The two stencils I used are available in the shop please follow the links below

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Art Journal page by ... Lynn Good

Hi everyone, Lynn here
Today I would like to share an art journal page with you - I am not sure about you but here in Tasmania I am over winter and September is suppose to be spring - not snow, hail, rain and freezing temperatures that we are getting.  So I have created a spring layout in the hope the weather changes soon!

I have used the Dyan Revealey art journal and I LOVE it - the paper is beautiful.

I prep the page with clear gesso 

I have then applied Deco Art paints using a brayer

On water colour paper I have stamped images from the Paper Artsy JOFY53 stamp

I have coloured these with the same Deco Art paints that I have used on the background with the addition of the green

I have used some scrap pattern paper on the bottom of the journal.  I then begin outlining the flowers with Stablio ALL black watercolour pencil.

I then add some detail with a white sharpie pen

and some splatters

the title is a combination of Making Memories Rub on letters and Tim Holtz small talk letters.  I have also added some flowers - Dylusions "where does your garden grow" stamp.

Thanks for stopping by and I have linked the products below to the Art and Soul store.

Til next time - Happy Crafting

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Hello Soul Sisters,

Welcome to the next lesson, the first part of this lesson was posted as the technique post last week you can find the video link here: https://youtu.be/DcC12NU9EU0

For this lesson (2nd part) you can find the video link here: https://youtu.be/21nsQ3UT06U

Materials used:

DecoArt Spray - Red, Primary Yellow and Turquoise
Jane Davenport - Acrylic paint set 2 and stencil
Jane Davenport - 6 x 9 Journal
Jane Davenport Inkcredible pen
Kaisercraft clear stamp - 36 Stamp, Fading Dots

You can purchase the materials in the art and soul online art shop: https://artandsoulstudio.com.au

Thanks for stopping by and it would be fantastic to see what you create in the soul sister FB page.

Saturday, 9 September 2017


Hello Soul Sisters
Welcome to our new look blog, its so colourful that it just makes me want to create.
I am sharing with you today an art journal page that I create during the week.

Here is how I created it.

My first step as most of you know I cover 95% of my pages with a layer of white gesso, sometimes it can be thick with lots of texture or other times its just a layer to stop the mediums soaking into the raw paper.
The layer on this piece of watercolour paper is applied with a palette knife with not much texture

My next step was to decide which stencil I was going to use to apply texture to my page. I didn't cover all my surface with the stencil design as I did want a contrast between the two.

My next step was to add colour. Before I added the colour to my page I sprayed it with a decent amount of water so that once I added the coloured sprays they would move around the texture paste without any effort. I made sure that I kept some white space although its not completely white it does have a small amount of colour.

Here is a close up of the shine that was created.

My next step was to add some stamping, I did this with two different stamps. I reinked between each stamp of the images, but I always stamped on a scrap piece of paper first so that the ink was not too dark. I heat dried the ink and then I wanted to reactivate the sprays just a little so I sprayed water from a distance and then quickly dried with my heat gun, this gave the background some more texture.
 Here is another close up after the stamping and spraying of water.
The last step of my art journal page was to emboss and heat set my piece of chipboard then attach it to the surface with some matte medium.
Products I used from the Shop:

Happy Creating

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

DecoArt Media Spray technique by Karen Arribas

Hello soul sisters and welcome to this lesson of DecoArt sprays, which is an acrylic spray and dries to form a permanent layer. 
I wanted to show how to use it for the upcoming lesson I will be revealing on Saturday (
9th Sept)
You can also watch the video lesson here: https://youtu.be/DcC12NU9EU0

Materials used: DecoArt Spray - Red, Primary Yellow and Turquoise

All Materials can be purchased at: https://artandsoulstudio.com.au/

I hope you enjoyed this simple lesson, which can be used for any background. Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs Karen x

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

'Ocean Vibes' by Elisa Ablett - Mixed Media Scrapbooking

Hi Soul Sisters,

My turn up on the Art and Soul blog today with a mixed media layout featuring the awesome Prima St Tropez Collection and EmbellishmentsLindy's Stamp Gang sprays and Marabu Art Sprays available in store today.

This is a gorgeous paper collection full of rich blues, bronzes and wood grain plus all the embellishments to match including metal, stickers, tags and crystals.

I wanted to create an ocean themed background as well so I started out with a lovely rich blue Marabu Art Spray. I sprayed water onto my page first on the left and right hand side of my page then I spray the blue Marabu Art Spray and tilted my page to let the drips go to the middle.

Next step add a few sprays of the Gold Marabu Art Spray plus the copper and blue Lindy's Stamp Gang Sprays over the top of your blue background plus add splatters to your page.

Next step spray a small amount of the gold Marabu Art Spray onto your craft mat and using the lid as a stamp, stamp small circles onto your layout. You can do the same with the blue spray as well.

Using an offcut of mixed media cardstock Spray the blue as a base colour then spray your copper and gold sprays over the top. This will give your paper a lovely metallic sheen.

Using a bubble diecut - Texture Bubbles Kaisercraft Die cut your bubbles from the metallic paper.

Using your Art C Texture Pebbles, spray them with your Gold and Copper Sprays and a touch of the blue spray. Let dry and then when time glue them to your page using gel medium or a glue that drys clear.

Add some more texture to your page by adding some Marabu Acyrl Mousse- Carribean using a palette knife and a stencil of your choice. 

Time to start adding some of your elements once your Mousse has dried on the page!

Glue your pebbles and thread onto your page, i used gel medium that dries clear.

Stick down your paper elements layering on top of each other including the bubble die cut.

A few last steps -

Stick down your layers starting with the paper strips, Acetate film strip, bubble die cut, then glue your coloured Art Stones and thread together ( you can use gel medium or a heavy glue that dries clear), your frames and then your photo. Add your finishing touches, metal charms, title and glitter crystals and you have finished!

Here are some close ups of the finer details...

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing how my layout came together.



Marabu Art Crayons

Hello Soul Sisters   The past week I have been playing with the Marabu Art Crayons. I put them through some of their paces but I know t...